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Transforming Affinities



Transforming Affinities is a cultural competency training designed for the people of your organization.  Not only do we stress cultural competence with all people, we bring awareness and cultural humility into the conversation so that your business or organization can thrive.  We identify the people that your business/organization need to target and educate you from there.

We are in the business of helping people be better people.

We create more business opportunities for more clients and ultimately keep your business or organization free from stigma.  We train police departments, doctor’s offices, companies/organizations, public health facilities, state services, school systems, and college/universities.  Our trainings are highly interactive and because they’re highly interactive, people learn better, faster and retain the information we give them.

Training Prices:

One-day Cultural Competency/Humility Training – $2000

This 8-hour training includes education around stigmatized identities, relating to your customers through cultural humility practices and being sensitive to other’s needs by recognizing their value.  This training is all-inclusive and includes a certification in cultural humility.

Half day Targeted Training – $1000

We identify the demographics of your customers and employees and educate you on how to be culturally sensitive in order for your business to thrive.

2-hour Sensitivity Workshop – $400

Short and sweet, this workshop focuses on person-to-person interaction within the organization to prevent people from coworker alienation and creating a comfortable work space.

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