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Sex Ed


Organic guidance allowed me to create my own somatic sex education and sexological bodywork company, Velvet Lips, LLC.  Created out of the need to educate and empower people of all ages about their sexual health, this company has allowed me to expand my horizons regarding working with people’s sexuality.  This company has a gamut of tools to help you get what you need from yourself and your relationships.  At Velvet Lips, we offer coaching, workshops, events, meditation sessions, and seminars that are innovative, exciting and up-to-date with the latest research in mind.



Empowered! Sexuality Education is my brand new non-profit that does outreach for people who are in need of knowing the latest sexual education information and effective sexual communication techniques.  While this is in it’s developmental stage, here are a few programs that I would like to tell you about:

  • The WISE UP! Program – This program is specifically designed for seniors and aging adults who are in need of fun, sexuality education, particularly in senior community housing and assisted living establishments. WISE stands for Wonderfully Intimate & Sexually Empowered.
  • The WomanUp! Progam & The ManUp! Program – These programs are tailored to the specific dynamics of women and men when sexual communication is involved.  It is derived from tons of research on communication, power in relationships and sexual health outcomes.
  • I’m also planning a program for teens and children as well to help parents better understand their children and for the children and teens to foster their communication efforts towards trusted adults.
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