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Research Consulting

Because of my vast experience with research in all sorts of realms including academic and marketing, I’ve developed a keen sense of finding whatever it is that I need to find.  These skills have enabled me to capture the most important information for whatever your needs are.  I guarantee fast results with the latest data needed to fulfill your research demands.  I have access to the latest data on just about everything, so whether you need research for your non-profit or private organization, I can get that data to you.  If you are an academician and you need research quickly, I can provide that information for you by the date specified.

Restaurant/Bar Consulting

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to start or has already started a restaurant or bar?  Do you need help with design, marketing, or an efficient way of figuring things out?  Whether you’ve started your business or not, I have a tremendous amount of knowledge in the restaurant and bar industry and can help you increase your profits and make sure that your establishment runs smoothly and attracts the customers you want in your place.  I’ve created training manuals for employees, created marketing reports for specific audiences and have consulted corporate establishments in providing the best for their customers.  If you have a problem, I will be able to fix it quickly with guaranteed results.

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