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Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Personality Type | 0 comments

ENFJ Personality

As I learned from my mother, I know that I have “leadership skills” (aka *in Kelis’ voice* “I’m bossy!”), but I recently took a personality test to tell me already who I knew I was.  Why did I take it then?  Because when I’m on the computer, there’s always something to distract me on the internet (particularly FB) that I think I can learn from in some form or fashion.

Apparently, ENFJ people make up only 2% of all people.  I’m cool with that.  And I totally believe it.  I believe that I’m bound for tremendous success and I pride myself on my charisma and the ability to reach people with feelings and logic.  There’s a place for everyone in the world and I’d like to connect to a lot of people.

If you want to learn more about your own personality, TAKE THIS TEST.

Or if you would like to read about my specific personality type, go HERE.  President Barack Obama & Oprah are both ENFJ types. 🙂



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